Baked Southwest Egg Rolls

Baked Southwest Egg Rolls

I found this meal idea on when Tiffany and I were planning a freezer meal day. (But it doesn’t have to be a freezer meal; it probably would only take 30-45 minutes total.)

Matt does not like meatless meals, and Drew will not eat beans or spinach, so this was definitely a risky venture for me! But it looked so good!

And it was delicious! We dipped them in sour cream and salsa, and served them with chips and salsa. The whole family liked it, and Drew didn’t know what was in it til he had eaten three. And the best part was it is chock-full of fiber (7.2g), protein (18.9g), and other nutrients while being low in calories and fat.

It also was a very low-cost meal.  I estimated the entire meal cost about $8.50, which provided enough egg rolls for both mine and Tiffany’s family.  So our portion was $4.25, which fed Matt, Drew, & me (3 rolls apiece), and Alyssa (1 roll), plus 3 extra rolls for leftovers.

Check out the full recipe here.


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