Humbling Ourselves

From my Kindom of Heaven study.

Matthew 18:4: Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Am I a humble person?  Are you a humble person?  

When I think about being humble, it almost seems like an attribute, like being kind or generous.  And I believe that this can be the case. Moses described himself as being the most humble person on the face of the earth. (Numbers 12:3)

But this passage in Matthew 18:4 indicates that humility goes beyond a sheer attribute. It indicates that becoming humble is a deliberate act. 

What does it mean to humble ourselves “like this child?”  The way I see it, with two preschoolers at home, is that a child doesn’t rely upon any accomplishments or knowledge of his own.  He is dependent on the adults surrounding him, content with their presence and provision. 

I picture the act of humbling myself as understanding that I am nothing on my own. I am completely dependent on my Creator. For life. For strength. For knowledge. For existance. On my own, I am nothing. 

Heaven leaves no provision for pride.  If there is any pocket of pride in my heart – believing myself to be anything on my own – I am called to humble myself. 

Father, show me if any area of pride exists in my heart, and show me how to humble myself so I can be pleasing to you and your kingdom.

One thought on “Humbling Ourselves

  1. Paul encouraged us in Ephesians 4:1-2, to live a life worthy of the calling…be completely humble and gentle. True biblical humility is a mystery in the world today, perhaps even in the church. Thanks for sharing.

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