Kroger lunch break


If there is one thing you will find on this blog that is different from other similar blogs, it’s that I’m still learning and I get excited about the smallest things!

I left Kroger feeling quite accomplished! And I honestly didn’t think it was my imagination that the lady at check-out was pretty impressed, too. 🙂

I spent $33.15 and saved $33.26.

My biggest saving was on butter. My favorite butter, normally about $3 per tub, was on sale for $2.50, and there was a $1.25 off coupon on I was able to print 3 (on different days). Then today, I thought I would check and see if Kroger’s app had that coupon available to load on my Kroger card, and it did! But because I was afraid it might not work alongside the printed ones I had, and because I knew I would have to do 2 transactions (the coupon fine print said limit 2 in one transaction) I waited until the second transaction to “load” it on my Kroger card (through the app). I loaded it right after the butter was scanned and both the printed and electronic coupon worked! All that to say I got my butter for $1.25 apiece! And I’ve got enough to last me at least 6 months!

The next deal was on half hams. My mother in law told me that she buys the butt portion because it doesn’t have bone and you get more meat. It was on sale for $1.19 per pound (normally $2.39). I got each one for about $8, which I thought was ideal for our family because it would serve one meal plus have enough leftover for a few lunches (opposed to having too much that would go to waste).

The Jimmy Dean sausage, normally $4.59 (and $3.68 at Wal-Mart I think) was $2.50. I searched for coupons but didn’t find any, but still this is a good deal and stocks me up on sausage for 3-4 months.

I also snagged corn on the cob for 0.33 apiece for grilling with steaks and a sweet potato for 0.63 (0.69/lb.) to make sweet potato bread.

I’m learning that saving money on groceries does not happen overnight, but as I find myself stocking up on sale items, my grocery bill is gradually shrinking.

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