Before-Church Walgreens Trip: $20.91 (4 free items!)


I made a quick trip to Walgreens this morning before church.  I knew that since there were several free items, it was likely they would be out of stock by the time I was able to get there later.  Here’s what I got:

2 bottles Banana Boat Sunblock: $4.40 each.  (Buy one at regular $9.79, get one free, plus $1.00 off coupon in last Sunday’s paper.)

2 boxes Fiber One Bars: $1.99 each on sale

4 cans tuna: $0.79 each with Walgreens in-store coupon.

2 bottles Complete Contact Solution: free (Sale $7.99 less $8.00 Register Rewards)

2 packages sugar: $2.49 with Walgreens in-store coupon.

Lanacane anti-itch cream: free (Sale $5.00 less $5.00 Register Rewards)

Witch Hazel: free ($4.00 less $4.00 Register Rewards)

These deals just began today, so they are available through Saturday.  For the free items, I’d recommend going early in the morning. I’ve found that even if stock runs out during the day, they will be restocked. 

If you’re not familiar with Register Rewards, read my explanation here.

By the way, now that I got it for free, what can I use Witch Hazel for?


One thought on “Before-Church Walgreens Trip: $20.91 (4 free items!)

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