Walgreens Register Rewards


In my last post, I showed how I got 4 free items at Walgreens this week using their Register Rewards.  Because these can be confusing, I wanted to let you know what they are and how to use them so you can save more money!

Register Rewards are coupons that are printed out after you purchase the item.  You can use these coupons on your next transaction for almost anything.  Here are the rules:

1. Per item, only one RR will print out per transaction.  Example:  I bought 1 Complete Contact Solution and 1 bottle of witch hazel in one transaction.  After the payment, a $8 RR from Complete and a $4 RR from the witch hazel manufacturer printed. Had I bought 2 bottles of Complete in one transaction, only 1 RR would have printed out.

2. If you use a RR for the same item, another RR will not print.  Example: I bought another Complete Contact solution in another transaction, but if I had used the first RR, the RR for the second contact solution would not have printed.  But, I was able to use the witch hazel RR for the Complete Solution. 

3. When you redeem your RR, the transaction amount must exceed the value of the  RR.

4. The RR counts as a coupon. Walgreens has a policy that it only allows the number of coupons to equal the number of items.  Therefore, if you buy 4 items with 4 coupons (and a $1.00 off of 2 counts as 2 coupons), you must buy another item to make the total coupons not exceed the number of items purchased.

Keep in mind:  They are only good for usually 2 weeks. So you must use it or you will lose it.  If you wonder why manufacturers provide RRs that make a product free, it’s because a certain percentage will not be redeemed because many people will forget about it and not use it by its expiration.

To make the most of RR, I usually shop at Walgreens weekly. They almost always have good buys on something different each week.  I’ve found that I get the best deals on my toiletries there. I just have to wait for the deals to cycle around and stock up accordingly.

Still unsure? Here’s what how I use (and plan to use) my RRs this week:

1st transaction on (Sunday): 1 bottle Complete Contact Solution $7.99 with a $8.00 RR, 1 bottle witch hazel $4.00 with a RR of $4.00, and 1 bottle of Lanacane for $5.00 with a RR for $5.00. 

2nd transaction (Sunday): 1 bottle Complete Contact Solution $7.99 with a $8.00 RR. I also bought other items. I could use the witch hazel RR of $4.00 and Lanacane $5.00 for this transaction, but I could not use the $8.00 RR because I wouldn’t have gotten another RR to print out. So I saved that RR for today.

*Note, I simply ask the cashier to split my purchase into 2 transactions. It’s very common and they are used to it. I prefer not to do over 2 in one trip, however, out of respect for any shoppers behind me. 🙂

3rd transaction (today):  1 bottle Complete Contact Solution $7.99 with $8.00 RR. I added Dove deodorant to this transaction because your RR cannot be more than the price of the item.

4th transaction (today): I bought several items and could use the $8.00 from Sunday and the $8.00 from today (both from Complete).

Final Tips:

Use your RR on great priced items the next time you go in.  Don’t look at this as free money. Remember it was a coupon on what you purchased before.  To continue to reap the best deals, roll one RR into the next good deal.

Don’t forget that just like any advertising, not all RR deals are good deals. You need to be astute and know when an item is at its rock bottom price. This takes time and I’m still figuring it out. 

Register Rewards really aren’t as difficult as they seem. Once you get the hang of it, you”ll be saving lots of cash!

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