What to Buy at Kroger This Week (5/30 – 6/5)

After looking through this week’s Kroger ad, I didn’t see as many good sales like I saw last week, but there are still some decent buys.

Blueberries: $2.50 per pint
These were $3.98 last week.  I also found a great way to freeze blueberries. Simply put them in the freezer as-is when you get home. If you buy several pints, just put them in a bucket. Don’t wash first! If they’re dry, they’ll freeze and harden like gumballs.  Then they will defrost easily when you’re ready to use them. I’ve used them for homemade blueberry jam, but my favorite is blueberry muffins. I’ll be posting that recipe soon! 

Zucchini or Yellow Squash: $0.88 per pound

Red Grapes: $1.48 per pound
These were $1.99 last week.

Sanderson Farms Chicken Breasts: $1.99 per pound
The ad didn’t say if these are boneless, skinless breasts. If they are, this is a good deal. If they are not boneless, skinless, it is not.

Milk and Chocolate Milk: $1.67 per half gallon

Ritz Crackers: $2.00

Barilla Pasta: as low as $0.50
Sale: $1.00, plus $1.00/2 coupon in 4/22 SmartSource insert. This coupon was for Barilla Plus, but last time Pasta was on sale, it worked for me on the regular pasta.

Kraft Easy Mac: $1.00

Kraft and Sargento Shredded Cheeses: $2.00
I’ve been able to combine coupons with this deal to make this closer to $1.50-$1.70, but there don’t seem to be any coupons for these cheeses currently.  If you need cheese, I’d definitely take advantage of this but perhaps don’t stock up for more than a month or so.  The store brand cheeses go on sale for $2.00 fairly regularly.  I just love Sargento cheese and will pay $2.00 for it when it’s on sale!

I’d say that most of the above are “decent” deals. Not the best but definitely better than retail if you need them.

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