Walgreens Savings: $2.05 spent for $45.45 worth of Products!


I’m on Cloud 9! I just got $45.45 worth of products for $2.05 at Walgreens. When I first read about it on this blog, I thought it was too good to be true.

But I DETEST buying razors (they’re just so darn expensive… I end up using what I have until they’re nearly rusted!). So I decided it would be worth it to try.  I also would be needing mascara soon, and the body wash was just a plus!

Here’s what I did and how you can get the same deal through at least Saturday, and possibly longer. All you need is last Sunday’s Proctor & Gamble insert in the Sunday paper.

I selected one pack of 4 Venus razor cartridges for $12.99 and one Venus razor for $10.99.

I selected one Olay body wash for $7.49.

I selected two Cover Girl Lash Blast mascaras at $6.99, on sale for buy one get one 50% off.

I used “buy a Venus cartridge get a razor free” coupon. It actually rang up a $12.99 discount.

I used a “buy a Venus cartridge get an Olay body wash free” coupon. It rang up as a $7.49 discount. 

(Normally this wouldn’t work, as I’d be using two coupons for one product. But I believe what happened was the register rang the first coupon as a “buy a razor get the cartridges free” coupon, which enabled the second coupon “buy a cartridge get a razor free” to work.)

I used a “buy one Cover Girl Mascara get one free” coupon.  It rang up as $6.99 off (not the $3.99 discounted one).

After the transaction, I got the following Register Rewards:

$8 Register Rewards with the purchase of 2 Gillette Venus Razors or cartridges (this is advertised)

$5 Register Rewards with the purchase of an Olay, Cover Girl, and Venus product through 6/16 (this was not advertised that I could find anywhere).

$3 Register Rewards with the purchase of a Cover Girl and an Olay product (this was not advertised that I could find either).

Here’s the summary:

Venus Cartridge: $12.99
Venus Razor: $10.99
BOGO coupon: -$12.99
Mascara: $6.99
Mascara: $3.99
BOGO coupon: -$6.99
Olay Wash: $7.49
BOGO coupon: -$7.49
Out of pocket after tax: $18.05
RR: $8
RR: $5
RR: $3
Adjusted Price for All: $2.05

The cashier was shocked when all of those Register Rewards printed out, especially with all of those coupons. That’s probably why there’s still plenty of product in stock in the Russellville Walgreens! 🙂

If you get this deal, I’d love to hear about it!

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