Simply Saving Series: Ditch the Snack Packs

In my “Simply Saving Series,” I’m going to share some simple savings tips that have helped curb my grocery bill.  These are small changes that, when added up, can make a difference.

Drew takes chips to lunch with him twice per week.  In the past I had bought the individual-sized bags of chips in a package for convenience.  Then I started to calculate how much these snack packs were actually costing, compared to putting the same chips into a sandwich baggie.

Price of 6, 1-oz. packs of Doritos snack packs: $3.00, or $0.50 per bag
Price of 11.5-ounce bag of Doritos: $2.00,* or $0.17 per bag

*Doritos usually run $3 – $5 when they’re not on sale. I’ve found I can get them for $2.00 or less when they go on sale every couple of months, so I stock up accordingly.

By ditching the snack packs, I save almost $3.00 per month, which may at first sound small.  But when I add this to my other “simply saving” strategies, these savings start to add up. 

Also, if you have more than one person in your family who takes chips to go, or if your family members take chips more often than twice per week, this could add to even more savings.

And putting the chips into a small plastic baggie takes about 2 minutes at most.  I think it’s worth the time. 🙂

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