Meal plan – June 25-30


After a full week of VBS last week, we’re back to normal. I’m trying a new recipe on Monday but the rest I came up with by “shopping from my pantry” first.

Monday: Baked Penne with Philadelphia Cooking Cream

Tuesday: Mahogany Chicken with Cilantro Chimichurri
I had frozen chicken from the good deals at Kroger recently. I also had the other staples on hand like hoison sauce and frozen cilantro from my garden. Have I mentioned how much we love this meal?

Wednesday: We eat at church.

Thursday: Skillet Hash
This is my friend Tiffany’s recipe that we had once and were hooked! Brown 1 lb. ground sausage. Add 1 package of potatoes o’brien (thawed) and 1 package of frozen okra (or okra from the garden!). Yum!

Friday: Chicken Sandwiches

Saturday: Grilled steaks & potatoes & squash

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