Meal Plan: July 2-8


I’m having company over twice this week, so I’ve taken advantage of some meat specials, along with the produce from my garden.

Monday: Chicken Basil Pesto
My garden is overflowing with basil, so I look forward to making one of our family’s favorite meals.

Tuesday: Ravioli
I have to have simple, “go-to” meals for Tuesdays since I work til 6.  When I plan ravioli, Matt usually cooks it for me and has it ready when I get home, which makes for a much more smooth evening. Plus, it’s one of the kids’ favorite foods!

Wednesday: 4th of July Dinner with Family
I’m taking fruit from a local farmer and some fruit I got on sale. I also may take some of my peach salsa. Recipe coming Friday!

Thursday: Barbecue chicken and pork ribs
My aunt from across the state is coming to visit, so I’m having she and my parents over for dinner.  I got some good buys on pork this week at Kroger, and I plan on utilizing the plethora of barbecue sauce I’ve gotten for cheap this season!

Friday: Fajitas
Friends from out of town are coming to visit, so I thought fajitas (and quesadillas for the kids) would be an easy, fun, summer meal. I’m planning to also offer Matt’s homemade salsa (this time made from crushed, canned tomatoes from our garden), and peach salsa.

Saturday: Cookout at the Park
Matt’s work is having a cookout, so we may go to that. If we don’t, we’ll eat out.

Sunday: Sloppy Joes
I still have sloppy joe sauce from a deal I got a couple of months ago, and I also have extra ground beef and buns from last weeks’s chicken sandwiches.

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