Where Do I Find Coupons?


To get the very best deals on groceries and household items, I’ve had to learn where to locate coupons. I also have to do it without spending hours and hours I don’t have.  Here are the sources I use for coupons:

1. SmartSource insert

The SmartSource insert comes in our  statewide Sunday newspaper.  (In other states, a similar RedPlum insert is also provided.)   My parents get this newspaper and Mom gives me the SmartSource insert.  Her friend who also gets it has been passing along her copy.  I save the inserts for about 3 months and go back to them as needed. (I will be posting on how I organize my coupons next week.)

2. Coupons.com

The single best online resource for coupons I’ve found is http://www.coupons.com.  I also downloaded their app on my phone, and it is easy for me to checkmark which coupons I want to print and email them to myself where I can print them.  It does require an online installation of a coupon printer, but this isn’t as hard as it sounds.  It’s just a couple of steps, and once you do it, you don’t have to do it again.  For most coupons, you can print 2 “like” coupons from coupons.com.  It keeps track of the number of prints per IP address, so you aren’t able to print more than the maximum allotted.

3. Manufacturer Web Sites

I keep tabs on deals through my twitter account, which alerts me to coupons on manufacturer web sites. If it’s something I use regularly, I will sign up for an account to print the coupon. I use a different email address just for my couponing (and online shopping); that way I don’t get unnecessary  junk email in my regular email account.

4. Facebook

Again, through twitter, I’ll find out about deals but they may be through a company’s Facebook page.  I have to “like” the page to be able to print the coupons. Most of the time the Facebook offers have a limited supply of coupons, so if I don’t get to it quick enough, I am not able to print the coupon.  Because of that, I usually only make the effort if it’s a product I know I will use.

5. Kroger eCoupons

I will occasionally load coupons to my Kroger card directly from the app on my phone or online.  But I have to be careful because (1) they will not double ecoupons and (2) they will not allow an ecoupon AND a printed coupon (even if you have 2 items).  In the past if the latter has been the case, where I bought 2 items and I had one ecoupon and 1 printed coupon, I had the cashier scan the printed coupon, and then I added the ecoupon right there at the register through the app on my phone. This is a little tricky, though, so I only do that in rare circumstances.

6. Coupon Databases

Before I go grocery shopping, I take my list and look up my item on a coupon database.  I regularly use the ones on http://www.faithfulprovisions.com, http://www.moneysavingmom.com and http://www.commonsensewithmoney.com.  They appear to be the same database so I don’t really have one I use over the other.  I simply “search” for coupons on an item I’m planning on purchasing.  If there is a coupon in a SmartSource insert, it will tell me which issue.  If it’s on a web site, it will give me a link to the site.

7. Walgreens Coupons

Walgreens coupons will be in the Sunday newspaper insert, but you can also get them online.  You CAN stack Walgreens coupons with manufacturer coupons.

8. Other sources

Sometimes there will be coupons available at the store by the product. I usually grab a couple if there seems to be plenty of supply. I also get coupons in the boxes of items I’ve already bought. Those are the easiest!


What are some other sources of coupons that you use?

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