Simply Saving Series: Buy Larger Containers and Repackage


With an almost-two-year-old in the house, we go through a LOT of applesauce.  A few months ago I grew tired of spending over $0.75 for one serving of Gerber fruit when Alyssa could do just fine with apple sauce.  So I started buying regular apple sauce, paying well over $2 for 4 to 6 individual packs.  It was cheaper than the Gerber fruit, but was it still the best way to go?

I started price-comparing the 6-pack cups of applesauce to the larger container. Here’s what I found.  To get applesauce in those packs, you basically pay the same price as the larger container for half the quantity. 

The applesauce packs are around $2.00 for 24 total ounces, and the tubs are less than $2 (for the generic) for 48 ounces.

Now, if I can get the packs for ½ off, then I’ll consider it.  Right now I have a couple of Motts coupons for $0.55 off, which “doubled” to $1.00 at Kroger would make it worth it to get that convenience.  Of course, I’m waiting and hoping for a sale on those packs before the coupons expire to get an even better deal.

But until I get that deal, I simply pour that day’s apple sauce into a to-go container when Alyssa won’t be eating at home, and when she’s at home, it’s simple to pour it into a bowl. 

Here’s how much I’m saving:
Alyssa eats applesauce 6 days per week usually, so instead of over $2 per week, it costs about $0.90 per week.  That’s a savings of about $5 per month, simply done by taking the time to buy the larger container.

One thought on “Simply Saving Series: Buy Larger Containers and Repackage

  1. great post! Sometimes I have to catch myself from buying convenience when I can make it convenient myself!

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