Kroger Lunch Break – spent $37, saved $46

I love it when I can make a 16-minute shopping trip (yes, I timed it!) and save over $45!


Here is what I bought:

9 packages of Kraft shredded cheese at $2.00 apiece. (reg. $3.99)

4 Breyers Blasts ice cream at $1.54 (reg. $6.29)

2 coffee mate creamers 32-oz. at $1.69 (reg. $3.77)

2 Huggies wipes at $0.89 (reg $2.44)

2 capri sun at $1.69 (reg. $2.50)

1 gallon milk at $3.28

My previous post on the deals at Kroger this week lists these deals and where to get the coupons.

2 thoughts on “Kroger Lunch Break – spent $37, saved $46

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