How I Organize My Coupons


Finding an organizational system for coupons is a must, and as I’ve found, there is no perfect system.  I’ve read about multiple different systems, and the way I do it is simply what I’ve found that works for me. 

Some people cut out coupons and put them all in a 3-ring binder.  I never even attempted that because I was not going to spend that much time sorting coupons.  And with the coupon databases available on the web, there is simply no need to cut every coupon out. 

When I get a SmartSource insert from the Sunday statewide newspaper, I simply take a Sharpie and label the date that it was published.   


Then I put it in a manila envelope.  When I hear of a deal or when I’m doing my grocery shopping list and I check the coupon databases for coupons, I know exactly which date to pull out.  Then I clip that coupon.

For example, last week I found out that there was a good deal on Huggies wipes at Kroger.  I simply typed in “Huggies Wipes” in a coupon database and it told me which SmartSource publication to find the coupon for it.  I took the insert out of the envelope, found the coupon, cut it out, and put the insert back. It was that simple.


I also have my own little coupon organization packet.  I got this one from Staples.  Before I put my SmartSource insert in the manila envelope, I cut any coupons that are for items I use regularly.  For example, I’ll always cut out Yoplait yogurt coupons because most of the time I end up using them.  I also put coupons that I’ve printed out online inside my coupon packet.  I have the separated into my own categories that work for me, although everyone has her own preference. 

My coupon packet is always in my purse, and it makes it very simple to get my coupons out when I’m checking out.  Also before a shopping trip, I’ll grab the coupons I plan on using and put them in the back of the packet. That way I already have them handy.



It’s that simple for me.  It easy and it works!  If you missed my last post on where to find coupons, you can find it here.

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