What to Buy at Kroger This Week (July 18-24)


I’m sorry this list is a little delayed.  Yesterday I had to take Alyssa to the doctor, which shot my lunch break blogging, and today I had the rare opportunity to eat lunch with my husband. So family came first! 🙂 

The best deals this week are on chicken and toothpaste.  That sounded kind of funny together, didn’t it? 🙂  This week is another week of the Mega Event, where you get $5 off with every 10 participating items (I label them wyb10). Just remember to buy in quantities of 10.  As in the past, the deals in GREEN are stock-up deals

Asparagus: $2.49/lb.
(I’ve only seen these lower at $1.99/lb. when they’re in season – spring – so if you like asparagus, this is a good price for this time of year.)

Green Bell Peppers: $0.50 each
Freeze whole, or quarter and freeze.  (I prefer to quarter them because my meals either call for them to be in 1″ pieces [kabobs], in strips [fajitas], or chopped [soups]. By quartering them, I can thaw them and use them in any meal.)

Cantaloupe: $1.88 each

Red Onions: $0.99/lb.

Colgate Toothbrush or Toothpaste: FREE
Sale $0.99, stack with $0.50 coupon from 7/8 SmartSource insert, doubled

Country Crock Spread: $0.99 wyb10

Dannon Activia: $0.99 wyb10

Yoplait 32-oz. yogurt: $2.00

Edward Pies: $3.99
Sale: $4.99, stack with $1.00 Kroger eCoupon OR $0.75 coupon from 6/17 SmartSource insert

Edy’s Ice Cream: $2.99 wyb10

Del Monte Fruit: $0.99 wyb10

Ocean Spray Craisins: 1.99 wyb10

Prego Pasta Sauce: $1.49 wyb10

Rotel Tomatoes: $1.00

Kroger Apple Juice: $1.77

Kroger Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts: $1.88/lb.

Kroger Ground Beef: $1.99/lb.

Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat: $2.29 wyb10

Kroger Frozen Potatoes: $1.99

Doritos: $1.99 wyb10
See how to save by buying it at this price and making your own snack packs here.


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