Kroger lunch break: spent $48, saved $45


I love Kroger lunch breaks! I know, I’m getting kind of weird about this. 🙂 I got some great deals! Some were just okay. In my reasoning, if I need it, and it’s cheaper than wal-mart, I’m still saving.

Check out some of these deals yourself! (most of the deals I have listed on my previous post.) They are good through Tuesday.

Stayfree pads: FREE
Sale $2 with a $2 coupon

Ivory soap: FREE
Sale $1 with a $1 coupon. I had 2 coupons so I bought 2. This will give me enough soap for 6 batches of homemade laundry detergent!

Colgate toothpaste: FREE
Sale $1 with a $0.50 coupon, doubled. I had 2 coupons.

Speed stick deodorant: FREE
Sale $1 with a $1 coupon

Barilla pasta: $0.45
Sale $1 with $0.55/2 coupon, doubled. I had 3 coupons

dole pineapples: $0.32
Sale $0.99, in-store promotion get $0.50/4, plus $0.55/2 doubled. I had 2 coupons

Oscar Mayer deli selects: $1.98 when you buy 4.

Milk: $2.99

Stoneyfield baby yogurt (Alyssa’s favorite): one was marked down to $0.69, the other was regular price at $2.55, but I had a $0.50 off coupon, doubled, making it $1.55.

sour cream: $1.00 for 16-oz.

Eggs, 18-ct: $1.88

Silk soy milk: 2.09
Sale $3.19 plus $0.55 coupon, doubled

Kraft cheese: $2.00
I bought 4 because I love this cheese! And that’s a good price.

Del Monte vegetables: $1

Grand total of savings:
Manufacturer coupons: 10.45
Bonus coupons (doubles): 4.70
Kroger savings: 29.14

49% savings

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