The Toilet Paper Experiment

What toilet paper is actually the best deal?   I decided that I’d conduct a toilet paper experiment to try to find the best toilet paper for the best price.

Laugh at me if you want. My husband did.

I took 3 popular brands of toilet paper – Cottonelle, Charmin, & Scott 1000 and I put them to the test.  I calculated how long 4 rolls would last in our master bathroom and compare it to how much I was able to pay per roll after sales and coupons.


I started with Cottonelle because we’ve used it for years. I always bought it because it wasn’t uber-expensive but it was comfortable enough.  In my experiment, four rolls lasted us 25 days and cost $1.32.  That’s 5.3 cents per day.

Scott 1000

I was amazed that Scott 1000 lasted so long! It’s paper-thin so I had to use a lot of sheets, but it must be kin to the energizer battery because it kept going and going.  But that is also the part we didn’t like.  These were not comfortable at all!  We couldn’t wait to get through them.  Four rolls lasted us 39 days and cost $2.16. That’s 5.5 cents per day.


Charmin – the softest, most comfortable by far – actually lasted 23 days and cost $1.72.  That’s 7.4 cents per day.


We LOVED Charmin, but clearly it comes with a price tag.  I will definitely buy it when it’s on sale but not otherwise.  My husband has made it clear that Scott 1000 isn’t welcome in our home, so that one is out.  Most likely, I will stay with my tried-and-true Cottonelle and buy it when it’s on sale.  $0.33 per roll is a pretty average price when you combine sales and a coupon, although I’ve gotten it once for $0.25 per roll.

What about you? Are you brand-loyal with toilet paper?


2 thoughts on “The Toilet Paper Experiment

  1. I used to always buy Angel Soft, but a couple of years ago, I saw that Consumer Reports rated White Cloud much higher, and it was basically the same price. So I tried White Cloud and have been buying it ever sense. We buy the three ply so that obviously gives it an unfair advantage over the Angel Soft. I’ve spoiled my husband now though because he doesn’t want anything other than three ply, even if I can’t get the White Cloud. Sometimes it’s the little things… 😉

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