Old El Paso Tortillas $0.10, Toaster Strudel $0.89, and more great stock-up deals at Kroger


I thought this was too good to be true, but it wasn’t!  General Mills is doing a “Buy 5 Get $5 on your next purchase” event at Kroger, which makes for some VERY good stock-up deals.  Check out the deals I got below:

Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes: -$0.50 (Yes, I made $0.50 for purchasing it!)
Sale: $1.00
Used $0.50 coupon off 2, which doubled
$1.00 B5G5

(We don’t eat these much anymore so I got these to donate.)


Old El Paso Tortillas: $0.10 per package
Sale: $1.50
Used $0.60/3 coupon, that doubled surprisingly
$1.00 B5G5

(This is good for refried beans, taco shells, and more. I just chose to stock up on tortillas because that’s what we use most.)

Hamburger Helper: $0.25
Sale: $1.50
Used $0.75/3 coupon
$1.00 B5G5

(We don’t eat these but I bought them to donate to my work’s Food Drive for the Main Street Mission, where they are asking for pastas among other items.)

Pillsbury Toaster Streudel: $0.89
Sale: $2.39
Used $0.50/2 coupon, doubled
$1.00 B5G5

Lucky Charms: $1.86
Sale: $3.19
Used $1.00/3 coupon
$1.00 B5G5

Many more items are part of this event.  You can get a full list at http://www.krogerkrazy.com.  Here are a few things to note:

1.       Be sure and buy in multiples of 5s to get the full benefit.

2.       The $5 off your next purchase is only good for 1 week! I recommend splitting your purchase into two transactions and use coupons from the first to pay for the second (this is what I did) and/or plan an additional shopping trip to Kroger before they expire.

3.       All coupons I listed above I obtained from SmartSource inserts (in the Sunday statewide newspaper). Most of them came from the insert from September 9th.

 Also a few other Kroger deals to note:

 Crest toothpaste is $1.00 (including Kids), and if you use the $0.50 coupon from the P&G insert from 9/30, you will get it free.  By keeping an eye on deals like this, I haven’t paid for toothpaste in almost a year!

Milk is still $2.99.

Summer squash and zucchini are on sale for $0.77/lb – this is a great price!


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