Stock up Deals at Kroger this Week


Kroger has some GREAT stock-up items this week! All of these items are part of their Buy 10, save $5 event, so make sure you purchase in quantities of 10. My cart had 40 items!

Campbell’s Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom Soup: $0.42 Sale: $0.69 I had several $0.40 off 3 coupons (doubled), which made them $0.42! I believe they are still available at This is an excellent price! I cook with these soups a lot and I’ve been watching the prices for months. They were at around $1.25 even at Wal-Mart for the longest time (Wal-Mart has since reduced them to $0.75 –they’re sneaky that way.)

Green Giant Green Beans or Sweet Whole Kernel Corn: $0.49 We normally purchase Del Monte but at this price, I am trying it! Plus I got several more to donate.

Stove-Top Stuffing: $0.79 I’ve been watching this for months as well, and it’s always well over $1, even pushing $2 at times.

Skinner or Ronzoni Pasta: $0.59

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls: $0.98 Sale: $1.38 I had several $0.40 off two (doubled) coupons. I’m pretty sure they are available on as well. We use these often for my Taco Meatball Roll-ups and I’ve yet to purchase them for under $1.00. Their regular price at Kroger is $2.38.

Edy’s Ice Cream: $2.99

Land O Lakes Butter (not margarine): $1.99 I have been in the process of switching our family from margarine to butter based on some research I’ve come across, and butter is not cheap! So this is a good buy.

Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce: $0.99

Del Monte Peaches: $0.99

Kettle Brand Potato Chips: $2.00

Also, this is not part of the Buy 10 Event, but Starbucks Coffee is on sale for $6.99. I have several $1.50 coupons, making it $5.50 –a GREAT price.

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