January: Stock Up On Tomatoes


I’ve been doing this frugal grocery shopping thing for the past 14 months, and I’ll never forget the day I got canned tomatoes on sale last January.  It was a cold, rainy Wednesday, and Hunt’s canned tomatoes were on sale for $0.57 apiece at Kroger.  I bought quite a few. I don’t recall how many, but I still have a couple of cans if that tells you anything.

It was the first time I felt like, “Yeah, I CAN save money when I put my mind to it!”

Around that same time, I also got Rotel diced tomatoes for around $0.60 per can. I stocked up on that, too, and I still have about 4 cans.  Good thing they have a long shelf life.

I’ve been watching prices of canned tomatoes for the last year, and they have not been that price in a whole year.

Until today.

At Kroger, Hunt’s tomatoes (sauce, diced, stewed, paste) are on sale for $0.49 when you buy 10 participating items.  Rotel is on sale for $0.48.

So my question became: why January? Why are canned tomatoes at their lowest price of the year in January.

I’m sure there’s a correct answer, but since I don’t know it, here’s my theory.  The companies who can tomatoes need to start liquidating their stock in order to get ready for the upcoming tomato crop.  Pure guess.

Regardless of the reasoning, let me urge you:  stock up on tomatoes!

These canned tomatoes are normally over $1 per can, so you’re saving more than 50%!  And think about how nice it will be for a whole year to not have to buy that item, to know that you’ve got it.  AND to know that you bought it at its very lowest price.

(And when you do that with more and more items, you’ll gradually see your grocery bill declining….significantly.)


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