Make Simple Night Prep Night


I’ve learned that multitasking makes preparing home cooked meals simpler.  Tonight I scheduled a simple spaghetti dinner because it’s Drew’s favorite.  Because it was so simple, I thought I could knock out some cooking that would make things simpler in the next few days. Sunday I’ll be cooking chili for the family coming over for the Super Bowl, and on Monday I’ve planned three rather intensive freezer meals for Freezer Meal Monday with Tiffany.

As you can see, on the left, I have tonight’s spaghetti sauce and noodles.  On the back right are kidney beans that I have cooking for the chili on Sunday.  I never buy canned beans anymore so I have to prepare ahead when I use them.  On the right is a pasta sauce for a pasta bake I’ll be making on Freezer Meal Monday.  Before I had started on the sauce, I had browned 5 lbs. of ground beef in that skillet. I took 1/2 lb. out for the spaghetti, 1 1/2 lbs. out for the chili and 1 lb. out for a future meal.  That left 2 lbs. for my pasta sauce.  (I’ll be sharing the story behind that tomorrow.)

Sure, it took a little extra clean-up, but it will make Sunday and Monday so much less stressful.

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