“But Mommy, What Do You Do All Day?”


Isn’t that the million dollar question?  I found it quite amusing to hear it from my 6-year-old son, though.

It has been interesting seeing his reaction to my new profession.  After all, for 6 years, he didn’t know anything but Mommy working outside the home.  His first reaction to my telling him I wasn’t going to be working at Cogswell Motors anymore was funny.  He had been to my office a lot, in particular on Wednesday afternoons after I picked him up from school and brought him to the office until church.  He saw what I did; he saw where I sat (I managed a department so I had the “head desk”). So his first question was, “But Mommy, who is going to be the teacher?”  He thought it was ultra-cool that his mommy was the “teacher” of the office, so he couldn’t comprehend why I would want to give that up.

After I was home a couple of weeks, we were all at the dinner table. I can’t even recall the discussion, but Drew said, “But you stay home. You don’t do anything all day.”  I was actually amused, not offended, but I didn’t have time to react because Matt did for me. He jumped in and gave Drew a stern lecture of how much I do around the house and how valuable it is for me to be home.  That was a proud moment for me.  I’m sure it helps that Matt sees the difference my being home has made but also Matt’s mom stayed at home with him and his sister so he knows that working in the home isn’t all ice cream and soap operas.

Then just this week, Drew was eating breakfast with me before school and he said, “Mommy, why did you stop working?”  I was able to explain that I wanted to be there for him and Alyssa more, to be available when he’s sick, and to take care of the home better. It was a neat opportunity where he was really open to my answer.  Then the fun of the conversation started:

“But Mommy, how do you make money?”

“I don’t anymore.”

“So Daddy has to buy the groceries?”

“No, I still buy the groceries with the money Daddy makes. He works really hard to provide for our family.”

“I wish Daddy could stay home instead of you.”


“Because then he could be a Watchdog at my school every day.” (The Watchdog program is where Dads come in and stay at the school assisting the teachers for the day. The goals are to provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrating by their presence that education is important and provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying.)

Love the honesty. 🙂

To be perfectly honest, I’m glad Drew will remember what it was like for me to work outside the home.  I’m glad he’ll remember the decision for me to stay home.  I think both of those viewpoints will help him in years to come as he prepares for his own family someday.

2 thoughts on ““But Mommy, What Do You Do All Day?”

  1. Hi, I”m Audrey, my husband worked at Cogswell Motors for 50 years, recently retired. Well he is working today filling in for the guy he took his place. I have been reading your blog lately. I hope you are enjoying your new job.

    • Hi Audrey! I figured Kenny would come back eventually to fill in. That’s great! I bet he loves it. I really enjoyed working with Kenny! Such a sweet person. Thank you for following my blog!

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