Kroger Deals this Week (2/13-2/19)

Kroger is having a Daytona 500 Fast Track to Savings Event this week. I recall this event last year but it is a little different this year.  Some of the deals area really good (but some are not – watch out!).  To get the best deal, you have to load digital coupons to your Kroger card.  The good news here:  the same coupon will be used up to 5 times in a single transaction! The bad news: they don’t double.

How to utilize digital coupons:  the easiest way if you have a smart phone is to download the Kroger app (and follow the instructions to link your Kroger card number to the account).  Simply click the coupons you want to load to your card.  If you don’t have a smart phone, simply go to and follow the instructions to create an account and link your Kroger card to it (the number will be on your Kroger card). From there you can load the coupons to the card.  You will see the coupon as “eCoupon” on your receipt next to the item, not down where the scanned coupons normally show.

Here are the good deals in the Daytona Event:

Oreo Cookies: $2.22
$2.77 – $0.55 digital coupon

General Mills Cereal (Lucky Charms & Cheerios pictured): $1.49
$1.99 – $1.00 digital coupon

Kraft shredded cheese: $1.99
$2.49 – $1.00/2 digital coupon
(I always stock up on Kraft cheese at less than $2.00 – it is so much better than the store brand in my opinion!)

Breyer’s Ice Cream: $1.49
$1.99 – $1.00 digital coupon

Cheetos or Fritos: $1.59
$1.99 – $0.40 digital coupon

Gatorade (32-oz): $0.73 when you buy 10
$0.89 – $1.60/10 digital coupon

Cottonelle 12 double rolls or Scott 16 double rolls bathroom tissue: $4.69
$5.99 – $1.30 digital coupon

Hellmann’s Mayo: $1.99
$2.99 – $1.00 digital coupon

Kraft Barbecue Sauce: $0.49
$0.99 – $0.50 digital coupon

Kroger Sour Cream or Cottage Cheese or Dip (16-oz): $1.00
$1.25 – $0.25 digital coupon

Ritz Crackers: $1.99
$2.49 – $0.50 digital coupon

Ore Ida Frozen Potatoes: $1.94
$2.49 – $0.55 digital coupon

Other Deals besides the Daytona Event:

Boneless Pork Loin: $1.77/lb.

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast: $1.99/lb.
(The Kroger brand puts up to 15% chicken broth in their chicken meat, so I usually wait until Sanderson Farms offers the same deal, but if you need chicken breasts, this is a good deal to get you through til the next Sanderson Farms deal.)

Tomatoes: $0.99/lb.

Coke 12-packs: 3 for $10
(These are routinely almost $5 at Wal-Mart so this is a great price.)

Riceland Rice: $0.67 (1 lb.)

Blue Bonnett Margarine 45-oz. tub: $1.97

Apple Juice: $1.77

Kroger Tortilla Chips: $1.00


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