Second Planting Day


It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend, and I wanted to take advantage of the perfect weather.  I have desired to have blueberry bushes for a long time, and this year I was determined to make it happen.  My first obstacle was the bed. I tried to hand-dig some of it but I got about 3 feet and decided there was no way I could do that.  Then my dad surprised me with a used tiller he found!  I was so excited.

I still needed to purchase blueberry bushes, so I went to a local nursery (Taylor’s) and found that they had four varieties for $7.95 each.  Since Lowe’s had them for $10, I was really excited to get them for this price, plus I felt more confident in their quality.  I got all four varieties because I really have no idea what I’m doing. 🙂  I do know that blueberries need at least two varieties to cross-pollinate, but the more the better so I went all out!  (If you’re wondering, the ones I got were Tifblue, Climax, Brightwell, and Pink Lemonade.)

My next challenge was the fact that Matt wouldn’t let me operate the tiller by myself until he had a chance to make sure I wouldn’t kill myself.  And on Friday Matt got sick and was diagnosed with the flu.  I thought all was hopeless but he decided to push through the sickness and help me till the garden bed.  We worked all morning, with him taking frequent breaks, and we finally got most of the bed finished.  I planted the blueberry bushes with help from Drew, and I mulched the bed.  All that’s left is for me to add some flowers to the bed when it warms up.

I must pause and say, that morning was so rewarding.  Working with Matt on this project while our children enjoyed playing outside in the perfect weather was indescribable.  Sure, I was exhausted, but it was so worth it.  I can’t wait for my blueberry bushes to grow.  I know not to expect many berries the first year but hopefully by next year we’ll have a decent output.


That evening after dinner, Drew, Alyssa, and I planted broccoli.  I was very excited at having gotten such beautiful broccoli transplants at Taylor’s.  They looked so much better than the cabbage transplants I got from another place. (See picture below to compare.)


Here’s what I’m wondering.  Here are the only two differences between the cabbage and broccoli: (1)  the cabbage was bought at a place where the plants are delivered, and the broccoli was bought at a local nursery where they grow them here.  (2) I’ve been trying to plant by the moon calendar and I planted the cabbage when if you go by that, I shouldn’t have, whereas I planted the broccoli when I should have.

(The reason for the moon calendar:  this is my first garden and I don’t really know what I’m doing.  My mom told me about many great gardeners in her lifetime strictly using the moon calendar (the Almanac) and they always had great harvests.  I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Basically it tells you when to plant certain crops.  The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that you’re supposed to plant root crops during one phase of the moon and aboveground crops during another phase of the moon. So I planted my cabbage when I planted my root crops, which according to the Almanac is a big no-no.)

My guess is that if you’re still reading this post, you probably have done some gardening in the past. So if you have, I would love to know your thoughts on any and all of this. Blueberry suggestions?  Almanac opinions?

My next planting day will be this week, when Drew and I will plant STRAWBERRIES!  I’d love suggestions on that, too!

One thought on “Second Planting Day

  1. It will be two years before the blueberries produce and then you have to come up with a way to keep the birds away. Bob gave up last year – there would be blueberries everywhere in the afternoon and the next morning they would be gone.

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