Garden Update – Change of Plans

For those of you who are keeping up with my ginormous garden adventure, I thought I’d update you since the last frost date is soon upon us… meaning the garden will be kicking off in full gear soon!

The only problem is, my best-laid plans have had to be majorly adjusted. That’s what happens when you have over 2 inches of rain in a few days and a third of your garden plot is under water.  Literally.

And for those of you who know how precisely I plan, you know this was a blow.  But you also know how persistent I am so I’ve come up with a new plan. It started by taking my old plan with me outside and using a blue crayon to color in the areas that are underwater.  It also meant digging to find out why my potatoes haven’t emerged after a month.  Yep, they rotted.  I guess that’s what you call it when you dig for a potato cut and you find something resembling mashed potatoes.  I had earmarked a good chunk of my garden for potatoes, and I don’t think I can attempt them again this late in the year.


Thankfully, my onions LOVE the water and are doing great!    (The picture below is one of the three places I have onion rows. I may plant more since they are doing so well!)


My broccoli and cabbage survived the cold spell and are starting to grow slowly. I just hope they start forming their heads before the hot weather causes them to bolt. I watered them with fish emulsion today to help give them a boost. (I couldn’t get too close to get a good photo of the broccoli because, as you can see, I would have had to have a boat to get closer.)

Easter-Garden 009 Cabbage and Broccoli

My spinach and carrot seeds are beginning to sprout.  I planted the spinach right when I was supposed to, but it took much longer for them to sprout than it did in the fall, so I’m skeptical that I’ll get a harvest before they bolt.

Easter-Garden 010

On the positive, my strawberry plants are coming back after the deer ate them about 3 days after I planted them.


I also have beautiful growing cilantro from last year’s plant.  When it bolted I allowed it to drop a lot of its seed before I harvested it the remaining seed for this year’s planting.  It’s so nice to just go clip cilantro for the many Mexican dishes we eat!

Drew and Alyssa helped me start some cucumber, squash, and zucchini seeds indoors a couple of weeks ago, and it has been really exciting watching them sprout.  I was amazed that the cucumber seedlings emerged from nothing to about 4″ in a week!  Right now I’m taking the sprouts outside for a good part of the day to start to harden them off before planting them outside next week. (Interestingly, it doesn’t matter which direction I lay the tray; these plants grow toward the light, even if they start out in the opposite direction.  I’m thinking that might be the beginning of a different blog post. 🙂 )

Easter-Garden 003

Last week I transplanted some of my herbs outside that I had started indoors (cilantro and basil), and over the weekend I began some lettuce in one of my planters outside. (This morning I saw the tiniest seedlings emerge!)

Easter-Garden 004

Yesterday I started building a trellis (if you can call it that) for my cucumbers, and I built two teepees for pole beans.

Easter-Garden 011 Cucumber Trellis

I will be able to plant the cucumbers no matter the condition because they’re in a dry raised bed, but I’m nervous about my pole beans.  Those seeds have to be planted in fairly dry soil and right now the soil is pretty soggy.  Hopefully it will dry out in time.  Seeing the trellis and teepees made me feel like a real grown-up gardener.

We’ll see in about two months what color thumb I end up having. 🙂

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