I Gave Myself Grace

Today I gave myself grace.  And I can’t believe what a difference it has made.  Now, I realize it’s 2:26 and the day isn’t even over yet. I realize that the most challenging part of my day is still to come.  Nonetheless, I believe God has been trying to get my attention for the past few weeks in this area, and today was one big lesson.

I started feeling a cold coming on yesterday, and because I didn’t feel well, I decided I wouldn’t get up early like I always do.  I thought for once I’d enjoy the benefit of being a stay-at-home mom and let myself sleep longer when I didn’t feel well.  I arose when Alyssa and Drew did, which meant I didn’t get my daily quiet time.  Usually the red “caution” flag would be swinging furiously through my mind, but for some reason I didn’t feel guilt.

Interestingly, I actually felt pretty well this morning. Maybe it was the three cups of coffee to soothe my throat.  Still, I gave myself grace to go with the flow.

I stayed in my pajamas until Alyssa’s nap time, which I’ve NEVER done (except maybe when I had the flu).  I allowed cartoons to be on longer than I normally do.  I didn’t constantly berate myself for not “doing” more with Alyssa.

I printed off some free some preschool printables because I thought they looked really neat.  (Confession: it was on insects and I thought maybe this printable would educate ME on insects in my garden. Turns out they were just your regular insects but the printables were wonderful!  Click here to view and download them.)

When I felt like Alyssa would like some table time activity, I got them out, along with the Fruit of the Spirit printables I got from another site last week.  She loved doing the activities, and while I am glad I was able ot teach her a few things, I really think the biggest benefit was our one-on-one time together.  It wasn’t forced. I wasn’t doing it out of obligation.  I was doing it out of a desire to be with her.  I wasn’t thinking of all the other things I needed to be doing. (Probably because I cleaned the house yesterday and it was tidy already. 🙂

And when it was over, she gladly moved on to another activity, giving me time to get lunch ready.

I gave myself grace, and the house didn’t run amuck.

I gave myself grace, and I was a calmer mommy.

I gave myself grace, and Alyssa had a fun, educational, and fulfilling morning with her mom.

Grace.  God has been teaching me the last few weeks to give it to others more.  It came in our Sunday School lesson last week. It came through the voice of a mother in the faith to whom I haven’t spoken in months, but she happened to call me on the day I needed to hear it.  It came through the voice of my own mother a few days earlier.  It came through the reading of one of my favorite verses in a different version.

And just as I thought God’s only lesson to me was that I should exercise more grace with others, today I realized he wants me to exercise that same measure of grace with myself.

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