Garden Progress!

I’m so happy to report, after months and months of hard work, some garden progress!

garden6-17 001

My first blueberries ripened on the bush today. They had been sitting there, green, for weeks, and I wondered if they were ever going to ripen. They are June-bearing, after all.  Drew, Alyssa, and I got a taste and I have to say, store blueberries don’t compare! These were sweet, not tart.  As expected, I won’t have a huge harvest this first year, but it will be more than I anticipated.

garden6-17 002

My squash plants, after getting a late start, are finally producing fruit.  This morning I played cupid and hand-pollinated a female flower using the male stamen because it was a little rainy.  I read that bees don’t like getting out in the rain so I wanted to make sure I would get a squash out of that flower.

garden6-17 003

Above is one of my marigold flowers I’m very proud of because I the kids and I started these indoors from seed. They are doing great! And hopefully they are doing their job at deterring pests from my potatoes, squash and beans. (You can see the potatoes and the chicken coop in the background.)

garden6-17 004

And aha! My proudest accomplishment so far.  My pole beans are CLIMBING the poles! Drew and I built the tepee back in April and I wondered if it would ever get use.  The beans loved these latest rains.  Aren’t they beautiful?

garden6-17 005

This is another shot of my bamboo tepee that the beans are growing around, getting ready to climb.  (And yes, that’s grass in the middle. I’m working on getting that taken care of. I plan on starting cool weather crops underneath the canopy of the beans later this summer.)

garden6-17 006

The rains also helped my bush beans (front) and my cucumbers (back).  The cucumbers are growing like crazy. I don’t think my makeshift trellis is working as well as I planned so I’ll use a different method next year. But I think it will still work for this year. The cucumber is flowering like crazy.

garden6-17 007

This is a view of my salsa garden.  The lettuce and onions are doing well, and the tomatoes are rebounding from the difficult spring weather.  Hopefully they’ll continue to grow.  I did notice that my jalapeno pepper that got eaten by wildlife has come back!

garden6-17 008

This is my basil plant. I harvested basil seeds from my plant from last year. Then I started this indoors and transplanted it outdoors. Success!

garden6-17 009

My cool weather crops are hanging in there, despite 100 degree temps last week. I have one cabbage forming a head finally after 3 months, and my carrots are doing well.  I also transplanted some okra here so take over after the others are finished.

garden6-17 010

garden6-17 011

These are my cantaloupes and watermelons that are finally taking off.  I couldn’t get the seeds in the ground quick enough because of the cold spring so they got off to a late start, but I think they’ll end up being fine.  I have a dozen cantaloupe and watermelon plants each so we’ll see how many melons I’ll be needing to give away in a few months! 🙂

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