Kroger Deals this Week


Kroger finally has some excellent stock-up deals!  These are good through Tuesday, June 25th.  Most of the coupons I’ll match up for you were on a couple of days ago, so hopefully there are still prints remaining.  Happy stocking!

Buy 4 Get $4 Event (prices below after Mega Event Savings)

Capri Sun: $0.79
$1.29 less $1.00/2 coupon from

Philadelphia Cream Cheese: $0.49
$0.99 less $0.50/2 coupon from, doubled

Kraft Cheese Shreds: $1.49
$1.99 less $0.50/2 coupon from, doubled
(Sargento shreds are also included at $1.99)

Tropicana Orange Juice: $2.49

Hillshire Farm sandwich meat: $1.77
$2.27 less $0.55 coupon from, doubled

Turkey Hill or Edy’s Ice Cream: $2.49

Juicy Juice Beverage: $1.88

Doritos: $1.99

Froot Loops, Raisin Bran, and other Kelloggs Cereals: $1.99

Buy 10 Get 5 Free Canned Food Event
All items $0.67 apiece when you buy 15

Starkist Tuna: $0.67
Hunt’s Tomato Sauce: $0.67
Hunt’s Tomato Paste: $0.67
Snack Pack Pudding: $0.67
Green Giant Canned Vegetables: $0.67
Chef Boyardee Canned Meals: $0.67

Other Deals:

Milk: $2.99

PowerAde: $0.59

One thought on “Kroger Deals this Week

  1. Thanks for putting your walgreens and dollar general deals up earlier this week! I was able to get some good stuff at both. And it was really nice to get some good bargains after a long time without.

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