Last-Minute Kroger Stock-Ups


Last night I did a last-minute trip to Kroger before their Mega Event ended today. Unfortunately they were sold out of a couple items I wanted. I took a chance and went back this morning, and they are restocked! So if you are out today, snag these deals!

Crest toothpaste: FREE
Sale $1, stack with $0.50 coupon from P&G insert for June, doubled.

Huggies wipes: FREE
Sale: $0.99, stack with $0.50 coupon from Sunday’s SS insert, doubled.

Pampers wipes: $0.49
Sale: $1.49, stack with $0.50 coupon from, doubled.

Kraft Mac & Cheese spirals or shapes: $0.49

Doritos: $1.99

(each item above is priced when you buy in quantities of 4 participating items)

Green Giant Vegetables: $0.67 when you buy 15. (other participating items include starkist tuna and chef boyardee lunches)

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