Garden Update – July 19

garden 718 020

The garden is becoming a little more fun now!  Every time I look at my bamboo tepee, every day seeing less and less bamboo and more and more beans, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Drew especially is proud since he helped me build it and planted the seeds.

(Last night he picked one of the first pole beans produced and went to talk to the chickens. I guess he got a little too close to the chickens and one plucked it from his hand. He was so upset!  He said his favorite chicken was the one who did it, though, so that made it better.)


garden 718 002Here Drew and Alyssa are inspecting the bush beans. They are really enjoying the garden. This makes my heart happy.







garden 718 005I told Alyssa to point out the cabbage while I snapped a picture.  I’m shocked that the cabbage has lasted in this heat, but I’m grateful. I think it will be ready to pick soon.






garden 718 007I asked Alyssa to sit in front of the cabbage and okra and this is her attempt in being silly.







garden 718 010Drew is very proud of the watermelons. Here he is teaching Alyssa how to “knock” on them.  He told me yesterday how impressed he was that these watermelons grow noticeably bigger each day.  Right now we have three large ones and some others a little smaller.  I’m hoping I can get the kids to like watermelons this year or else I’ll be having a lot of watermelon to eat…wait, maybe that’s not so bad!





garden 718 011My peppers have finally started growing with a few peppers on each plant.  Something keeps eating a couple of my pepper plants but it’s selective. So that’s why I have two dwarf plants in front.






garden 718 013Drew is pointing out another cucumber here.  These cucumbers have produced amazingly well.  I’ve already made 5 batches of pickled cucumbers.  I’ve tried two recipes so far and I’ve decided I need a good relish recipe. We love the cucumber slices but I’m pretty sure we’ll tire of the pickled cucumbers soon.





garden 718 016My June-bearing blueberries are still ripening, though there aren’t many left.  I’m hoping to make my first batch of blueberry muffins soon.  Being the first year – and considering that more blueberries get eaten off the bush than get saved – I’m happy with the crop.






garden 718 017Ah, and my squash!  These plants are ones that were on the brink of death from the squash vine borer that have come back after my valiant surgery on them. 🙂






garden 718 018Here, take another look. Yep, I’m proud of it.

The only problem is that since the squash vine borer and squash bugs proved too much for my blossoming pumpkin plants and they have dwindled to almost nothing, the squash bugs have set their eye on my beautiful squash vines now.  I am sure I crushed about 20 sets of eggs last night.  Hopefully I can keep them under control.




garden 718 001Finally, Drew absolutely loves digging potatoes, and we got quite a few, though not as many as I would have liked.  This is probably about half of what we have already dug up and I have a few plants to go.

The next order of business is my fall garden.  Matt will be tilling me another plot and I got a soil test for that one coming soon.

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