Daily Harvesting in Full Swing

Ok, so this is finally getting to be a little fun.  Nothing is sweeter to my ears than Drew saying first thing in the morning and when he gets home, “Mom, can I go outside and check on the garden?”  Or, Alyssa when she sees me by the beans saying, “I want to pick some! I want to pick some!”  Two days ago all three of my side dishes came from the garden: potato salad, cucumber salad, and fried squash. I finally felt a bit accomplished. 🙂

Garden 7-26 002 Garden 7-26 003

Below you can see a bee inside the flower of my squash. I’ve counted three but I know I have more. I call them my pet bees because they greet me each morning as I walk through the garden. 🙂

Garden 7-26 004 Garden 7-26 008 Garden 7-26 010 Garden 7-26 012 Garden 7-26 014 Garden 7-26 016

Below is one of my okra areas. I have one here in the raised bed and another beside my pole beans.  I just started harvesting the okra this week.   Beside that are some of my herbs. On the far left is basil.  Next to that is oregano and thyme.  Toward the top are rosemary and dill, although the dill is so feathery you can’t see it in this photo.

Garden 7-26 019 Garden 7-26 020

I planted a jalapeno pepper plant for the first time.  Aren’t they beautiful?  My other peppers (I have about 9 plants) are starting to produce fast. I am sure I will be giving some away and freezing some before too long.

Garden 7-26 021 Garden 7-26 022

Below (left) are my lettuce plants that I let go to seed from spring. Last year I let them do this and I got lettuce in the fall without doing anything.  Below (right) are my roma tomatoes finally starting to show some life.  I’ve struggled with my tomatoes this year.

Garden 7-26 024 Garden 7-26 026

And finally, I picked my first cabbage!

Garden 7-26 001

A couple of days ago Matt told me that seed packets were on sale at Atwoods for $0.10.  So of course I purchased 43. 🙂  I think I’ve got enough seeds for awhile. And I also bought different varieties of veggies and herbs so I can try new things this fall and next year.

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