My Garden in Photos – April 5th Update

This week has been a week of growth!  I’ve been amazed at the difference I’ve seen in many plans each day.  I’ve also done some decorating, as you’ll see.  The sign below says, “Happiness Grows in My Garden.” 🙂

45 cabbage

Below are photos of cabbage and spinach compared to last week.  The rains really helped them!

45 cabbage spinach 329 cabbage

Blackberry this week and last week:

45 blackberry 329 blackberry 1

The blueberry bushes began putting on leaves almost overnight! Here is my pink lemonade blueberry bush this week and last week:

45blueberry 329 blueberry 3

The peas also began to grow and pop up tremendously this week compared to last week, when I just had a few:

45peas1 329peas

In new developments, my potatoes have finally broken ground!  I love growing potatoes! They might just be my favorite.


Last weekend I bought some Roma tomatoes at Blossomberry nursery in Clarksville. They were beautiful and healthy. I know it is really too early to plant tomatoes, but with the warm weather this week I thought I’d try so they could get established before the colder weather returned.  I planted one set and am keeping the other set indoors on cold nights. We’ll see how the growth of the two will compare.

45 tomatoes

And I couldn’t help but share my very first flowers. I’d never planted bulbs before and I have been thrilled with my jonquils and tulips!

45 tulips jonquils

45 Alyssa tulips

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