My Garden in Photos: April 12th Update

Today could not have been a more perfect gardening day.  Perfect temperature, light breeze, some shade.  Today was spent planting pole beans, corn, and cucumbers as well as preparing the ground for more tomatoes and other crops.  This week’s photos show even more growth!

Cabbage and Spinach: I picked my first spinach this week to use in Gouda and Spinach stuffed pork chops. Yum!  The cabbage are growing beautifully with such deep green leaves.


Potatoes: Almost all of my potatoes are now emerging, with this photo showing the ones with the best growth.

412 potato

Garlic and Strawberries: The garlic are growing taller and taller, and the strawberries are beginning to put on flowers.  These are all second or third year strawberries so I’ve got high hopes!


Tomatoes and Broccoli: The first photo are my Romas, which are growing very well, although it’s hard to see from this photo. I also planted Better Boy tomatoes between my broccoli rows (second photo).  The broccoli are really starting to grow. I’m hoping I’ll get some good broccoli before they bolt like they did last year when the weather got too hot in May.



Peas: The peas are growing well, but I hope they start producing before it gets too hot.


Here is a photo of the trellises that Matt built for me.  On the right side are my peas. On the left side I planted pole beans.


Herbs: I can’t tell you how excited I am about my herbs!  The middle plant is a multitude of oregano that self-seeded from last year.  To its right is thyme that survived the winter.  At the top left is rosemary that barely made it through the winter and is now producing new growth.  I also have dozens of dill plants that self-seeded from last year and a few cilantro plants.  I’ve decided that herbs are the easiest to grow after the first year because they grow themselves!


Blackberry: All of my berry plants are growing vigorously, but this blackberry bush is the best by far.  I’m looking forward to a summer full of berries!

412 blackberry

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