The One Surprise of My Gardening Adventure

wpid-20130605_110819.jpgWhen I announced that I planned to create a rather large garden two years ago, the ones who were in the most shock were the ones who knew me best: my husband and my parents.  Matt thought it was some passing phase that I would do for awhile and then get tired of.  Mom and Dad were supportive but quiet, as I’m sure they had their doubts as well.

Now relishing my second large garden, it still amazes me that I decided to do this.  Me, the girl who never wanted to plant flowers with her mom growing up.  Me, the one who apparently didn’t know what a pepper was as a teenager when Mom asked me to go pick one.  Me, the one who left all the yard work to my husband for the first decade of our marriage.  Me, the one who only wanted to mow the yard when I could put a swimsuit on and get a tan (with the riding mower, of course).

Yes, this is crazy for me.

I embarked on this adventure with the purpose of saving money on groceries, eating healthier (every little bit counts, right?), and teaching my children.  But along the way, I began to realize God had a greater plan for my newfound hobby.

I started seeing from the earliest stages of this adventure the clear hand of God in creation.  A seed bursting from death to life.  The diversity of crops.  The energy for work in the spring.  The exhaustion and need of rest in the fall.  The tedious battle with pests and weeds.  The growth of crops after a good rain compared to city water.  The importance of soil condition for the sprouting of the seed.

This gospel has been proclaimed in all creation under heaven. (Colossians 1:23)

Through my gardening adventure, I see the gospel in creation in a way I have never before. I see truths from Jesus’ parables through a new lens.  I am convinced that God had more in mind in my gardening adventure than simply growing crops.  He wants me to see His glory on display.

And He wants me to share it.

After talking with friends and praying over this, I am going to work on writing a devotional book that is simply my thoughts from the garden.  These will be spiritual truths that I have seen and applications of Scripture that have come to life in my journey.

John Hagee says, “God doesn’t debate his existence; he declares it.”  Just as astronomers see this in the heavens, just as my friend Mandy who studies medical physics sees it in microscopic human cells, and just as my husband sees it as he learns nuclear physics, I see it in my garden.  I see God’s glory. I see the gospel.  I see truth in a way I never have.

And I want to share it with you.

Why don’t I put these in blog posts?  I have and will continue to at times, but I think many of these truths deserve further contemplation than a cursory reading that a blog post can provide.  I’m hoping for a 30-day book from which you can read a short passage or verse each day and read my thoughts.

When will it be available?  I’m not sure yet. I’ve begun the process already but I don’t know how long it will take.  I’m hoping in a month or two but since this is my first attempt at self-publishing, I’m sure it will not all go as smoothly as I plan.

I would appreciate your prayer as I work on this project.  God has truly blown me away with his Creation, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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