My Garden in Photos – May 9 Update

It has been about a month since I posted a garden update so I thought I’d update you on my growing garden!  I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Below are my potatoes that came right back up after the freeze knocked them out.  Unfortunately the Colorado Potato Beetles are out early this year but I’m trying to stay on top of the little boogers.

5912 potatoes

Next are my pole beans that are about to start climbing the strings on the trellis Matt made for me. I planted two types: Kentucky Wonder and Blue lake.  The Kentucky Wonder came up fast and strong. The Blue Lake came up slowly and sparsely.  I may have to replant that row if they don’t show improvement after this latest rain.


My broccoli and Better Boy tomato garden is growing great! All of my broccoli have heads forming but the ones I planted later are very small.


Blueberries!  I can’t wait!  The freeze, though I covered them, got several of the blossoms on each plant but thankfully I think I’ll still have a plentiful harvest.



This is my hodgepodge raised bed.  In the middle is rosemary, on each side of that is broccoli (look closely and you can see the heads!), below the trellis are cucumber seedlings, on the upper right side is oregano and thyme, and the whole bed is filled with dill from last year’s seeds.


I felt the center of a cabbage plant last week and exclaimed aloud, “I can feel the head!” It was at that moment I realized that growing a garden isn’t all that different from giving birth. 🙂  My spinach did remarkably well, but now it’s beginning to go to seed with the warm weather.


Underneath my trellises I planted carrots, hoping that the growth of the beans in the summer will shade this cool weather root crop. Carrots grow extremely slow so I’m finally seeing them after 2 months!


This is a wide shot of one of my beds. In the front of the trellises I planted black-eyed peas, bush beans, and okra.  Behind the trellises are potatoes and onions.


Can you tell we’re having salad A LOT right now?  On the left is romaine lettuce, and on the right are Bibb and Buttercrunch.  Behind the lettuces are peas and cilantro.


My climbing peas are finally beginning to bloom and set pods! I’ve got a couple of devotionals written about this new crop in my Glory in the Garden ebook that will be available this summer. 🙂


This is my pepper garden. I have bell, banana, and jalapeno.


The Roma tomato plants are looking healthy!


It’s strawberry season! My kids are going out every day hoping to find a ripe red one. They are delicious!!  Also, the garlic are growing amazingly well.  Can’t wait to see what they look like.


I’ve also got squash, zucchini, watermelon, and cantaloupe planted.  The corn never sprouted so I gave up on that.  Hopefully the recent rain will help jump-start much of the summer crops.

My favorite thing to do is walk in my garden. Just yesterday I took the umbrella out at dusk and just admired it all.  So peaceful.

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