Serve Session 2 (What Serving God Looks Like and the Results of the Proper “Serve”)

In Session 2, we look at specific examples in the New Testament of what serving God looked like.  We also see what our lives will look like when we’re serving God with our whole hearts.  To view Session 1, click here.

Because this is a little longer session, here are some basic review questions to help recap the session and pray about where God may be speaking to you:

1. Am I purposefully spending time in the presence of God?
2. Is God leading me to “fast” or give something up for a period of time in order to lead me to prayer?
3. Have I been depending on my past successes, failures, or unique experiences to serve God, when all he wants is my whole heart devoted to him? Do I truly understand that Jesus in me is enough?
4. Does my life exhibit the results of the proper serve as mentioned?  Do I recognize Jesus? Am I grateful? Do I speak of God to others?
5. Are there areas in my life that do not line up with Hebrews 13?
6. What phrases in Revelation 7 comfort me at this moment in my life?

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