Serve Session 3 (Freed to Serve God, Not Idols)

In this last session of Serving God, we see that the Israelites were freed from their bondage to serve God.  We also see how quickly they fell into serving something other than God.  We can fall into the same trap.  As you view this week’s lesson, consider the questions below.  Next week we will begin our study about Serving Others. (Need to catch up? View Session 1 here and Session 2 here.)

1. As a believer, you have been rescued from bondage, perhaps many different types of bondage.  Do you ever find yourself “looking back?”

2. What do you go to for comfort? What does your heart cling to? What controls you?  Could you be serving that rather than serving God?

3. What signs from God do you have a tendency to elevate?

4. Are there any idols in your life?

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