Savoring the Season

Untitled design(2)As I breathed in the early morning air, the fragrance of honeysuckles washed over me. Bathed in nature’s aromatherapy, I savored every breath, knowing the sweet aroma would be short-lived. In just a week, the intoxicating scent would be a memory.

The same feeling had nibbled at my heart as I had looked upon my spring jonquils and tulips just months before. Vibrant in color while their backdrop still portrayed a canvas of winter, I knew their beauty was only for a season. In time, the blooms dropped, just as the honeysuckle scent would fade away.

Just like nature, I thought as the essence of honeysuckles filled my nostrils, our lives flow in seasons.

There was the joyful season when my greatest excitement was the next basketball game with my dad as the coach. There was the exhilarating season of my freshman year of college when I fell in love Matt. There was the hard season when Matt, Drew, and I lived in a 400-square foot apartment while he had been laid off and my father-in-law was fighting cancer. There was the breathless season of living in survival mode as a working mom of two little ones.

And now I am in the season of staying home with my children while pursuing the writing dream I’ve had for years.

Keeping a healthy balance between those two hasn’t been easy. My heart wants to launch into writing. Ideas spin in my head and line my notebook. I feel like a sprinter in the starting blocks waiting for the gun.

But my children are little.

And while I feel led to a greater freedom to pursue writing and ministry more than ever before, I must intentionally protect my time and this season with Drew and Alyssa. Investing in them and ministering to their young hearts must be my priority.

The honeysuckles remind me that I must savor this moment, this season, because it won’t last. I’ll always have writing, but I won’t always have my littles.


Moms with littles, can I just say it’s okay to have dreams? God has equipped every believer with one or more spiritual gifts to be used for the building up of his church (Ephesians 4:11-16). So if you have a desire to use your gifting, embrace it. But we also must be aware that God’s perfect timing is not always our own. King David had to wait 15 years from the time he was anointed to the time he became king. During those 15 years, he served God where he was, strengthening the skills and character he would need as king. Let’s take heart and embrace the gifting within us, while being wise about our current season. Because we know the sweetness – and the challenges! – of this season won’t last forever.



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3 thoughts on “Savoring the Season

  1. 15 years…I’ve been in some of those waiting seasons…and the hard ones… Thanks for the reminder to love on my babies while I have them in this season.

  2. What a beautiful post. I went through a similar season last year — I called it a season of sacrifice. But what I discovered by the end of it was God blessed my sacrifice by giving me something of far greater value than what I had laid down at the altar — a sweet awareness of His presence. May He bless you as you put first things first. (And if you’re anything like me, whenever He calls you back to a focus on writing, the words will pour out faster than you can keep up.) 🙂

    God bless,

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