Saving Money on Groceries Part 1 (Audio)

Last night I taught a class on Saving Money on Groceries (and couponing) at the MOMs class I’ve taught at my church for the past 7 years. We had just completed doing Courtney Joseph’s book Women Living Well and we had discussed being faithful with our money in our household. Several of the women expressed interest in learning how to save on groceries and household items after I told them I had saved 1/3 off my grocery bill by doing this. (I began doing this when I was endeavoring to leave my job and stay home with my children.)

Although I have gone away from the “money saving” part of my blog in past months, I thought you might be interested in the recording of my class last night. We didn’t finish, so I’ll be recording the conclusion next week and will post it.  Beneath the link to hear last night’s lesson, which is about 30 minutes, I’ve included links to the resources I listed in the class.  Happy saving!

Saving Money on Groceries Part 1  – Click to Listen


Helpful Blogs:

Coupon Databases: (direct link)
Faithful Provisions
Money Saving Mom
Common Sense with Money
Southern Savers

Price List:
Provisions (.pdf) and Provisions iPhone App

Helpful Phone Apps:
Kroger Mobile App
Ibotta (this is my referral link, which means I get compensated if you sign up for the program)
Saving Star
Checkout 51 (I have not tried this but it was suggested in class.)

I hope you enjoy this and are able to utilize these tips and resources to save your family money!

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2 thoughts on “Saving Money on Groceries Part 1 (Audio)

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