Why I’m Having to Take a Writing Break

Do you have any idea what it is like for a writer to have multiple thoughts swimming in the mind, unable to be penned?

Torture, mind you, torture.

I’ve got some good ones that have come out of circumstances of late: spiritual warfare, intercession, Christian unity, the cost of following Jesus, investing in others…. And they’re good. (Admittedly they’re always better in my head than on paper it seems.)

But I have had to take a break because, well, the garden. I should know by now.  With the harvest, canning, freezing, and drying on top of two children’s birthdays, back to school, starting preschool with Alyssa…August should be my writing Sabbath. Not that I’m resting, mind you.

But I thank God every day for a garden that is producing and the physical strength equal to my harvesting and preserving tasks. And I’m thankful for Matt’s new photography hobby so he can capture some of these special memories.







MRM_8900_002  MRM_8810_001








Above: Breaded okra for freezing, basil pesto for freezing, banana peppers, green beans, okra pickles, black-eyed peas, sweet pickle relish


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