Jill McSheehyHi! I’m Jill. I’m a driven introvert who feels deeply and analyzes everything more than most. Sometimes that can cause me too much anxiety. My relationship with the One who saved me is my only lifeline, and I depend desperately on His word.

I’ve had a passion for the Bible since I was a young girl.  At the age of 12, I felt God calling me to be in the ministry in some way.  In college, I went through a Beth Moore Bible study and knew that writing Bible studies and teaching women was exactly what ministry I had been called to.  What that would look like and when, I hadn’t a clue.

Fourteen years later, after getting married, having two children, being a working mom as a manager at a Ford dealership, and finally becoming a stay-at-home mom just a year ago, I have finally written my first Bible study. I’ve taught this study on Isaiah 58 in small groups and online, but right now it’s still in the editing phases before I get up enough nerve to submit it to a publisher.

While writing Bible studies and teaching are my passion, I use blogging to share my thoughts on my everyday life, parenting, gardening, and living a life following Jesus.

Thank you for journeying with me!

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