Bible Study Toolbox

My friends laugh at me when I get really excited about learning something new in my Bible study.  But then they might ask, “How did you see that?”  I have studied the Bible for over two decades, but I have not had any formal training in Bible study.  Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned on my own through my own experience.  Because vibrant, life-giving, thirst-quenching Bible study is such an essential aspect of my everyday life, I want to give you some of the tools from my toolbox in easy to understand terms.

readBible5 Books of the Bible to Begin Your Scripture-Reading Routine

The most common comment I hear when a person wants to read the Bible consistently is, “Where do I start?”  Most believers desire to dig into the word of God, but finding a beginning point can be overwhelming. Do you start in Genesis and read straight through? Do you start in the New Testament? In Paul’s letters?   Should you use a devotional?

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6 Easy StepsBored with Bible Reading? The One Thing You Might Be Neglecting

How many times have you opened your Bible and hoped for a new thought, new revelation, or something you could apply today?  And how many times have you finished no more enlightened than before you started?

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