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 Two Men, Two Commands, Two Cities Why would Jesus tell two different people to do two different things? I came upon this in my regular reading, and I found it very interesting.  If you’ll bear with me as I summarize the stories, I think you’ll find these lessons as valuable as I did.

Navigating the Information Age in Our Decisions How do I navigate this world of opinions?  The easy – and primary –  answer is to measure them all against the Word of God.  But it’s not always that easy.  I’ve read countless blogs that point to various Scripture passages to make entirely different points.  It makes my head spin sometimes.

Serving the Servants When we think of serving in the church, we most likely think of exercising our own spiritual gifts.  But have you ever thought that you are also serving when you are supporting others as they use their spiritual gifts?

Digging Deep Tears started falling down Drew’s cheeks as he looked in the mirror at his slightly sunburned face.  “I don’t want to get freckles. The kids will make fun of me.”  I was taken aback. I remembered rubbing lemon juice on my own freckles when I was a preteen. I certainly didn’t expect Drew to have similar concerns as a boy, much less as a child who hasn’t even started kindergarten yet.

This Sickness Will Not End in Death  Since we celebrated Easter not long ago, I thought I’d share the most heartfelt blog I’ve ever written.  I wrote this in November 2009 after my father-in-law lost his battle with cancer.  This was written out of the rawness of my grief, the deepest grief I’ve ever known up to that point of my life. But still because of Jesus – because of what we celebrate each year at Easter – there is hope!

What Was On His Mind? I count myself blessed to have a number of people I can turn to at any given moment and ask, “Please pray for me,” and I know they will.  No matter the situation, whether it is an ongoing prayer concern, a burden for another person, or a crisis, I turn to my closest friends and family.

A Living Sacrifice  I wrote this on my previous blog in June of 2008. At the time my husband was unemployed due to a layoff, my father-in-law was embattled in a cancer fight he would eventually lose, and my family of 3 were living in very tight 1-bedroom apartment (our bed, in the living room, doubled as our couch). We had moved there temporarily until our house was built, but our building plans were put on indefinite hold because of the layoff.  If you find yourself in difficult circumstances right now, perhaps this blog will be of encouragement.

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