Kingdom of Heaven Study

Kingdom of Heaven:

As I was reading through Luke this year, I stopped at the Lord’s Prayer. Instead of bypassing it, I decided to really consider what it was saying. I came to the phrase, “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

My journal entry for that time was, “If we are to pray for God’s kingdom to come, perhaps I should know and recognize what the Kingdom of God looks like.”

So, I started studying different passages that speak about the kingdom of heaven, or the kingdom of God.  Here are my thoughts from my study:

Matthew 18:4 – Humbling Ourselves

Matthew 18:23-25 – The Enormous Cost of Unforgiveness

Matthew 18:4 and Matthew 19:14 – Dependent Like Children

Luke 17:20-37 – Day and Night

Matthew 22:1-14 – The Feast

6 thoughts on “Kingdom of Heaven Study

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