Summer in the Vine


Summer can get so busy that our much-needed time with God can become neglected if we don’t have an intentional plan in place.  Journey with Jill, along with several others, will be providing devotionals delivered by email all summer.

Studies/devotional topics provided:

  • Mark chapters 1-10: Jill McSheehy of Journey with Jill will share devotionals from her personal study of Mark. A passage will be provided each day along with the devotional.
  • God and Science: Mandy Kilbourn, a graduate medical physics student and writer will offer her unique perspective on finding God in science and finding science in God.  View her blog at
  • Walking Where Jesus Walked: Cynthia McCutcheon is traveling to the Holy Land this summer and will offer devotionals based on her experiences walking where Jesus walked.  View her blog at
  • Faith: Joseph’s Story:  Sandra Hardage, founder of My Journey of Faith Ministries, will offer devotionals based on her book on the life of Joseph.  View her web site at
  • GraceTalk: Karen Jordan, Bible teacher and writing instructor, will offer her GraceTalk devotions, teaching us how to allow grace into our lives. View her site at

Sign up begins now! The first Bible reading plan/devotional will be sent on Monday, June 9th. Sign up here.

8 thoughts on “Summer in the Vine

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