Two Simple Questions to Take You Deeper in Your Bible Reading (and a peek into my quiet time today)


wpid-20140910_142426.jpgPeople are craving the Word like never before. I’m certain of it. You can see it by the sheer number of Bible studies offered everywhere you turn. Just in my limited view I’ve seen offerings just this past week of studying Genesis, Exodus, Nehemiah, Esther, Psalms, and more. (I’m seeing an Old Testament trend this fall?)

I’m also hearing this craving through longings expressed by others. Tidy espresso-for-the-soul devotionals aren’t cutting it anymore. Predictable generic studies are met with yawns. People want MORE. Not more to scratch their itching ears, but rather MORE to draw them into that relationship with God that their soul so desperately desires. They recognize the longing; they thirst for life-giving water that only the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God can offer.

I’m one of those people. Always have been. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it as long as I have to. Nothing compares to a fresh touch from God through the Word that no one else gave you except Him. Nothing.

One of my main purposes for writing and blogging is to help others find their stride in the Word. I want to help those who long for more than an cookie-cutter devotional but aren’t sure how to go deeper without a study aid.

So today, I’m going to give you a peek into the new study I’m beginning myself for the fall since fall seems to be a season of new beginnings.

I’m going to be studying the Psalms. I’ve avoided these beloved chapters for multiple reasons. For one, I can slip into fruitless study in the Psalms quickly if I just read them for my morning pick-me-up and not really let them into my heart. But I felt God drawing me to them.

What I have decided to do is read a psalm per day (depending on its length) and journal two points:

  • What does this chapter tell me about God?
  • What does this chapter tell me about myself?

I may also include a prayer based on what I learn. I don’t always journal in my quiet time, but I felt this would be a built-in accountability to thoroughly study each chapter and meditate on it. I’ll share my first day with you:


Psalm 1

What does this chapter tell me about God?

  • He knows the ways of the righteous.

What does this chapter tell me about me?

  • The instruction of the Lord will be my delight. I am to meditate on it. In doing so, I will be nourished, bear fruit, and prosper.
  • I am not to seek counsel or be influenced by the wicked, sinners, and scoffers. I should be able to discern these people like the contrast between a tree by a stream and chaff that blows in the wind.

Prayer: Thank you that you know my ways. May I always meditate on your instruction so it will guide me. Help me discern the counsel of the godly and trust your work in me as I immerse myself in the waters of your truth.

Are you currently in a Bible study plan? If not, join me in the Psalms! I don’t have any plans to blog regularly about it yet since this is going to be my time with God initially, but you never know!

My purpose for this post is to share two simple questions to take you deeper into any passage you’re studying:

  • What does this chapter tell me about God?
  • What does this chapter tell me about myself?


Hopefully those two simple questions will get you to a great start in meditating on the Word like never before.

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