Weekly Scripture Memory: Proverbs 29:11

Last week I chose Proverbs 29:11 as our weekly Scripture memory verse.  I’m sure he’s just a normal boy, but Drew struggles with his anger at times and how to control himself.  (And when Drew struggles with his anger, Mommy struggles with hers!)

I didn’t find any really neat print-outs online this week, but I was amazed at how quickly Drew memorized this verse anyway.  He memorized the second part on our way to school one morning.  The first part was a little harder, so I demonstrated (in the winter) how the vents of our car blow out air when the vents are on full blast.  That little analogy made him able to memorize the first part of the verse.

I’m still amazed at how quickly he memorizes.  It’s made me realize how much of a sponge he is, and I want to stay diligent at teaching him Scripture to write on his heart at this age.

A funny thing happened in the midst of memorizing this verse.  Drew decided he would get on my computer and print the verse out to give it to my dad.  I asked him why he thought Granddaddy should know this verse.  (After all, I haven’t seen my dad lose his cool since he was a high school basketball coach decades ago.)  Drew certainly has never seen my dad angry.  So his response to my question was, “He needs to take it to the golf course in case he hits a bad shot.”

Now that was funny.

Mind you, I don’t think Drew has ever been with my dad on a round of golf like I had as a little girl.  But he knew enough to understand that sometimes we get angry when things don’t go our way.

And this verse is good for all to memorize – no matter our age.