A Fruitful Summer for the Busy Mom


Do you want to have a fruitful summer? Last year, as a recent stay-at-home mom, having a fruitful summer was the last thing on my mind.  I was simply aiming to survive the summer with a 6 and 2 year old.  This year, with a little more experience under my belt, I’m a little more relaxed.  I’m still making the chore charts and the daily schedule to provide some structure and routine, but I’m more focused on making this summer fruitful.

The fruitful summer I’m hoping for is one that isn’t too noticeable immediately.  I’m not looking to take the most exquisite vacations or entertain my kids in the best way possible or even take the “high road” by not allowing electronic devices.  Instead, I’m hoping to make this summer fruitful in my heart and in the hearts of my children.

This is not going to happen by reading the most inspiring blog post or the best parenting book or by checking off a list of “good mommy” to-do’s.

It’s going to happen by staying connected to the Vine.  Only through a desperately dependent, hopeless-without-it relationship with Jesus will I ever have the strength and wisdom to parent my children well this summer.  Even then, I’m well aware how quickly I can succumb to failure, but I’m ready to accept grace and model it, teaching forgiveness by asking for it.

Summer is when it’s the easiest to get lazy in my relationship with God.  If we don’t have to be anywhere early, it’s tempting to sleep in instead of arise for my time with him.  But I know through too many bad days that neglecting my relationship with God simply isn’t an option if I’m going to minister to and love my children this summer.

Can you relate?

I have a feeling many of us moms are in the same boat, even if we’re not home with children. Schedules change for working moms as well.  When I was a working mom I spent more time with my kids over the summer because of vacations, long weekends, and decreased scheduled commitment.

If you want to stay connected with God and his Word this summer, may I invite you to join the Summer in the Vine Bible reading and devotional plan?  All it takes is your email address and you’ll receive a Bible reading plan and devotionals straight to your inbox.  You can structure your time with God based on your individual schedule, but that regular email will provide an opportunity for daily time with God.

The Bible reading plans and devotionals will be catered to a busy summer schedule (which means they will be short).  You’ll hear from Karen Jordan, Mandy Kilbourn, Cynthia McCutcheon, Sandra Hardage, and myself on topics that are unique to our interests.

The first email goes out Monday, June 9th. Click here to sign up and stay connected to the Vine!


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